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Youth Musical Theatre Program in Harrisburg, PA

What We Do

We offer a variety of programs from acting and singing workshops to full-scale productions, there's a place for everyone at All In Theatre.

Our Mission

Creating life-changing opportunities for young people, particularly those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Get Involved

Whether you want to take part in a class or support our work through a donation, we'd love to hear from you.

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Congratulations to the cast of Aladdin Kids!

All In Theatre's cast of 26 middle and high school aged performers took the stage for three performances of Aladdin Kids May 17-19.  We are so proud of these talented performers for all of their hard work

All In Theatre at The Apollo Awards!

Executive Director, Katie Fogarty, and All In Theatre performer, Grace Raich, presented the awards for Outstanding Student Orchestra and Outstanding Dance Number at The Apollo Awards on May 19th.  All In Theatre was so happy to be included in this celebration of youth theatre. Theatre is for everyone!

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Next Up...Summer Camps!

Learn more about our three unique summer camps and how to register.

Go In For All In Fundraiser a SUCCESS!

Our inaugural fundraiser at Farm 1840 was a huge hit! A big thank you to those who attended, sponsored, donated, helped, and participated in the event. If you missed the fundraiser but would still like to contribute, you can donate here.

Quote- I found the theater, and I found my home. Audra McDonald
Students on a blank stage dancing joyfully with their arms in the air.

We believe theatre is for everyone

A youth theatre company of inclusivity, imagination, and inspiration.

All In Theatre creates a welcoming environment for children of all backgrounds to explore the magic of musical theatre. We focus on creating life-changing opportunities for young people, especially supporting those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our driving focus is creating an ensemble that encourages both collaboration and independence, providing everyone with an important part to play in the process.

Karen S.

“Seeing this finished production of HSM Jr was the most wonderful and amazing event I have witnessed in a long time! Tears of joy streamed down my face during all 3 shows, and not just for my girl, for the whole cast! Young artists, neuro-typical and neuro-divergent, performing together!! So yes, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND All in Theatre to be your young artists theatre of choice!!"


  • My child doesn’t have a diagnosis. Is this program for them as well?
    ABSOLUTELY! We are an inclusive program, which means young people with and without diagnoses perform and learn together. In order to remain inclusive, we need young people with and without diagnoses to participate. Our program is valuable to those without diagnoses to help learn empathy and to work with individuals who they may not have an opportunity to otherwise.
  • Why do you charge a registration fee?
    Maintaining a theatre company involves many expenses. Even seemingly minor items like paper, ink, and markers for a class can accumulate a significant cost. The expenses associated with producing a show, including props, costumes, set pieces, sound equipment, and more, can be substantial. Despite these costs, we take pride in creating a unique and memorable experience for our performers. Additionally, we offer scholarships to ensure accessibility to all, having never turned down an applicant.
  • My child is a bit shy and would prefer helping backstage. Does the musical include backstage work?
    Not yet, but it will in the future! Right now, we have a summer camp that focuses on elements of theatre, which would be good for a student who wants to learn about the other aspects of theatre that don’t involve performing. We have had students work backstage as stagehands in the past and help out in the lobby for performances. If your child is interested in being a part of the production in a non-performing capacity, contact us and we will find a way for them to be involved!
  • How does casting work for the shows?
    Auditions can be stressful, even for seasoned actors! Our goal is to make this process as fun and stress-free as possible. To start, our auditions are called role placements because everyone who registers for our program gets a featured part! At our first rehearsal for each show, we spend time getting to know each other, playing theatre games, and learning role placement materials. The following rehearsal, we have role placements. This involves singing a portion of a song from the show and performing a few of a character’s lines from the show. We all perform the same material and cheer each other on!

Give what you can, and help us grow!

Sponsor a performer, & make a difference. 

100% of your donations go directly to funding our mission of creating an inclusive musical theatre community for the youth of Harrisburg. 


Any amount you would like to donate is greatly appreciated. We thank you for your compassion and generosity! 


Inclusivity is our driving focus. To allow students of all financial situations to join, we’ve developed our sponsorship program. 

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