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Summer Camp

Ages 7-22

A Look Behind the Scenes June 24th - 28th

Students will learn about various elements of theatre that go into every production!

Musical Magic July 15th - 19th

Students will learn songs from various musicals and perform in a musical review!

Create Your Own Stage August 5th - 9th

Students will brainstorm ideas and create their very own original show!


Where every child plays an important role.

Four students from a musical performance onstage putting their hands into a huddle.

Everyone who signs up will play a part! Every cast member is guaranteed lines and solos to perform in the musical.


Ongoing full cast rehearsals will provide a fun, exciting opportunity for youth to form friendships, expand their singing/dancing/acting talents, and receive personalized support from their teachers.


We will have a special education teacher and medical professional on staff throughout rehearsals and performances to ensure everyone can participate.

After the rehearsal period, students will take the stage! To us, success is found in the journey, both on and off stage.

Scholarship Program

Inclusivity is our driving focus. To allow students of all financial situations to join, we’ve developed our sponsorship program. We have needs-based full and partial scholarships available. If you are interested and in need, please complete the form.

Students gathered together relaxing onstage posing for a picture.

Thanks for submitting!

Bring All In Theatre To You! 

Looking for something new and fun for your organization?  Need to add engaging activities to a camp or club?  Have All In Theatre come to you! 


All In Theatre will travel to your after-school program, group, or organization to provide entertaining theatre classes for all.  Best of all, our programming is customizable to you and your organization's needs.  Contact us to set up an introductory meeting!

Students posing in costume


  • My child doesn’t have a diagnosis. Is this program for them as well?
    ABSOLUTELY! We are an inclusive program, which means young people with and without diagnoses perform and learn together. In order to remain inclusive, we need young people with and without diagnoses to participate. Our program is valuable to those without diagnoses to help learn empathy and to work with individuals who they may not have an opportunity to otherwise.
  • Why do you charge a registration fee?
    Maintaining a theatre company involves many expenses. Even seemingly minor items like paper, ink, and markers for a class can accumulate a significant cost. The expenses associated with producing a show, including props, costumes, set pieces, sound equipment, and more, can be substantial. Despite these costs, we take pride in creating a unique and memorable experience for our performers. Additionally, we offer scholarships to ensure accessibility to all, having never turned down an applicant.
  • My child is a bit shy and would prefer helping backstage. Does the musical include backstage work?
    Not yet, but it will in the future! Right now, we have a summer camp that focuses on elements of theatre, which would be good for a student who wants to learn about the other aspects of theatre that don’t involve performing. We have had students work backstage as stagehands in the past and help out in the lobby for performances. If your child is interested in being a part of the production in a non-performing capacity, contact us and we will find a way for them to be involved!
  • How does casting work for the shows?
    Auditions can be stressful, even for seasoned actors! Our goal is to make this process as fun and stress-free as possible. To start, our auditions are called role placements because everyone who registers for our program gets a featured part! At our first rehearsal for each show, we spend time getting to know each other, playing theatre games, and learning role placement materials. The following rehearsal, we have role placements. This involves singing a portion of a song from the show and performing a few of a character’s lines from the show. We all perform the same material and cheer each other on!
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